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                    M U S I C A L   M A N I F E S T by O.L.F.

file under:ILLBIENT...magical hypno dub from the other side.

Es lebe der musikalische Eklektizist. Doch das Original schafft rücksichtslos aus sich heraus. Es selbst ist der Ursprung und die Schnittstelle zum Nichts.

Original Low-Fi stehen für experimental dark dub lyrics and sounds.

O.L.F. is low - lower than low - O.L.F. fliegt nicht - sondern schwebt als darker dub sound bomber unter dem Radar. 


Die Stimme ist der Transporter. Der Master of Ceremony ist der Katalysator!

Das gesprochene Wort verleiht dem dahinter Liegenden die Macht. Im Ritual des Musizierens erzeugt sie etwas Unsichtbares, im primitiven Sinn Magisches!


Long live the musical eclectizist! The original,however keeps creating art tirelessly out of its own. The very self is its own origin bordering on nothingness!

Original-Low-Fi represent experimental dark dub lyrics and sounds.

O.L.F. is low- lower than low-O.L.F. do not fly, they float like a dark dub sound bomber under the radar.


Your masters of ceremony are O.L.F. and French Tongue.

The voice creates rhythm. The voice with its differing tones acts as transporter, the master of ceremony as catalyst.

The voice creates more than just the spoken word. It gives meaning and magical power to the sense behind it. 

In the ritualistic structure of music-making and even of the spoken word itself it is invisible, though existing. 

Primarily magical!

A piece of music, composed like a formula, like a spell, tells more than just a story; yet the natural human fuzziness is an important key to spark off life. The creative mind is  actively and permanently interwoven in a piece of music and in this very process and during the time of music-making, he becomes the executer of the very idea and finally he is totally absorbed into that idea itself.

The question, whether it is effective in the originally magical sense to record music at all, answers itself negatively.

Still, we do record and roam through those places we build!

There will be sealed samples of the past appearing fragmentarily in front of one's mind’s eye like pale memories.


this is orginal low fi