The consumer path to conversion is a journey, and one that starts with brand awareness.

We know it can be hard to plan ahead when it comes to marketing. But consider this, consumers must now rely on online platforms to interact with businesses.? Steering your prospective customers from awareness, to contemplation, to eventually decision-making requires marketing, and in today’s world: digital marketing!

With the right strategy, one that maps out your customer journey, data shows that:

? Increased brand awareness translates into increased profits by having a positive effect on future conversions.

? Although you need to invest in both lead generation and brand building, brand awareness ultimately creates more value.

In the end, it comes down to this simple fact: people are much more likely to engage with a brand they know. When you invest in your brand, consumers will invest in you.


6 Tips to build brand awareness

1. Make sure your brand is recognizable??

Your brand should be recognizable and in-line with your values. Make sure you have a strong logo, visual identity and tagline that authentically portrays your brand and its values.

2. Use your branding consistently?

Having consistent branding helps make a good impression online. Your website, social content, and ad designs should all tie into your branding.

3. Stay engaged with your audience?

Use email marketing, social media, and other creative ways to connect with your audience on a regular basis.

4. Launch a long-term brand awareness campaign

Run ads throughout the year and experiment with different formats, platforms, copy, and design to see which perform the best.

5. Shift your focus online

Place ads where your consumers are: online. If you’re not advertising online yet, there’s no better time to start than now.

6. Increase your search rankings

Optimize your website’s SEO 1-4 times per year to make sure people find you when they search for you.


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