FILE UNDER: ILLBIENT MUSIC:Here follow some comments on Vinyl-double LP „Mad Men Butterfly“ by O.L.F..aka Original-Low-Fi (Some explanatory remarks on)

The whole album can be seen as a comprehensive sound exhibition and as an artistic and acrid comment and critical analysis of current issues.

Its title is reflected in track number 2 with the same title containing the record’s basic mood.

This musical arrangement contains song-like voice tracks with a collage intertwined with sound composition.

Please also note the attached video under the same title.

This piece of music represents my own view of our present world in its unfortunate state of affairs.

The presently dominant system in place motivated by plutocratic greed and belligerent aggression through fraud and wars is acridly lambasted in descriptive and figurative language.

This sort of criticism may be ignored as an illusory brainchild, as a naive fantasy or a fallacy, however, I am convinced that this sort of criticism is fully called for.

We are facing an immanent and forthcoming economic and social revolution in the making. This record is its matching soundtrack.

Why does the anonymous woman with a sallow complexion have no mouth, why is she astomic represented on the record cover? The reason is that there is no one left who could be a witness to hear a single sound coming from her. She is actually invisible like number 9, though present.


The title „Mad Men Butterfly“ focuses on humankind as such who by its own incomprehension and intrinsic selfishness as well as its brutish ruthlessness towards others and themselves render this society into ashes. This sort of raging madness is made up of its own ignorance and emptiness.


„ into your dreams of blood and money, fly away!“ is taken out of the track which is its moot point. The butterfly keeps hovering over the battlefield. From above it can overlook all things which no one else was actually supposed to see: an array of pain, destruction, and death. The butterfly, however, in itself is totally powerless, it keeps flapping its wings innocently over dead and decaying human flesh. Its proboscis cannot sip any nectar, except blood. The blossoms and buds are charred and withered.


This fragile creature of a butterfly which is subject to its natural metamorphosis burns up by a flash of a bomb made by the hand of man.


(1)Track 4 „Black Tuft“ could also be called „Black Cluster“ influenced by a five-hundred year old German song „Es wollt ein Maidlein Wasser holen“ („A Maiden Was About to Fetch Water from the Well“) by Ludwig Senfl about 1500. It tells us about a woman who is being courted and wooed by the bard while she is about to fetch water from the fount, when she looks at her pubic hair and consequently swerves into a daydream.


In an almost romantic manner the bard’s song deals with a deep-seated human longing through the torn view of a lovesick suitor who is constantly haunted by the feeling of fleeting transience. The question, whether she is prepared to let him share her love for the coming year remains unanswered.


(2)Track 10 „Lynchbaum“ („Lynchtree“) narrates the story of a white rabbit in a secret garden with a tree in it where all time ends. There a clown hanged himself and where he keeps dangling from the tree back and forth like a pendulum. This track has been inspired by an African folk tale named „Lynchbaum“.


(3)Track 5 „ Scarabée de Feu“ meaning „The Scarab of the Fire“ tells the story of the attempt to be able to differentiate between dreaming and being awake. There a beetle crawls out of a crack. If it has a sweet taste it is probably a dream, because otherwise beetles usually taste bitter and cause a burning throat. This track is based on the novel „Meister des Jüngsten Tages“ („Master of the Day of Judgement“/1921) by Leo Perutz. Can I swallow these roses with thorns without hurting myself? If I can, then it is definitively a dream.


(4)Track 6 „Schwarze Blume“ („Black Flower“) is a story about a Bonnie-and-Clyde-like relationship. The lady with her three diamonds is being paid just with a song so that she is willing to follow the protagonist. Only those two live together against the rest of the world within the shadow of a dark-coloured flower. Both of them are heading for final disaster, but until then these two lovers are at the centre of the world.


(5)Track 8 „Drone Gold“ depicts the way from light into darkness. Of course, only one’s own inner demon is responsible for this phenomenon. Night protects and covers it, because the demon itself is part of the realm of the night.


(6)Track 9 „Venetian Blond“ describes the short-lived, but violent emotional flare-up between two lovers within the vacuum of love.


(7)Track 14 „Dark River“ presents a child by the Nile talking to the ghosts while all the others are asleep. The child smokes the peace pipe together with the dead. It has a split tongue, because it speaks both languages, namely the one from this side and the other from the other side of the river. This represents a mirror of the other world.


(8)Track 15„Shadow of the Goat“ establishes a kind of anti-position to the traditional concept of God and puts the religious basics into question.


(9)The interlude „Instrument Frau“ (“The Woman as Instrument“) may be interpreted and listened to as a grotesquely pornographic patchwork of a smiling whistle blower. However, it might also be seen as a call for future emancipation and sexual self-determination of women at any price.


(10)Track 17 „Zucker“ („Sugar“) – a co-production with Loopbiz – deals with some life-sustaining substance. In a time when people are IV-fed (intravenous injection) it cannot be exactly determined, if it is either some acid or love. Despite the nostalgic desire to enjoy some sweet taste, the defiance of death is upheld.


Please also note the matching video!


(11)Track 18 „Seven Feet Below“ is the unconditional acknowledgement of the musical underground. If there is no place for O.L.F. on the top of the surface of the earth, then there is a palace in place far beneath the surface with so many chambers that no one will precisely know, where all those corridors and stairs will lead to. Only such a unique palace is worth living in. Naturally, such a place is and must be infested with lots of rats and mice all over.


(12)Track 19 „Mad Men (Slight Return)“ wraps up the whole sequence of this album and this very track may be considered as a final statement against the ruthlessly raging men of our time.


By the way, all these lines are unimportant, superfluous, unnecessary, and useless, because this album is released by Vienna Wildstyle.


These lines are simply an amateurish and redundant attempt to comment and explain an audio-event lasting 72 minutes, on which I am helplessly short of words anyway.

The music speaks for itself.


Therefore, please consider these final lines as a background foil for those who take an interest in it such as myself.