Touch Unwired is a Thunder Bay-based telecommunications company that’s been in business for over 20 years, with 3 locations. With a focus on traditional ad spends, web presence was lacking and the call to action was not where it should’ve been.

Shout Media completely changed the strategy for Touch Unwired. A bright, engaging website was developed with a distinct look and feel, and coupled with strong social media campaigns and a new digital strategy. People noticed, people liked it, and traffic has increased substantially to the website all locations.

People have definitely noticed that we’ve completely changed the look and feel of our marketing, based on feedback from primarily a younger audience. Traffic and sales have gone up since we’ve switched our marketing from a predominantly traditional focus to digital.

— Karen Bagdon, Owner

Social + Digital

To complement Touch Unwired’s new visual identity, we created a unique voice and tone for the business’ social accounts. It was made to be young, knowledgeable, and at times a bit cheeky – the perfect mix to give people the information they need with a bit of wit to avoid “sales speak”. Customized graphics provided the opportunity to channel this new, uniquely Touch attitude.

Shout Media also took over Touch’s media buying and turned it on it’s head with 80% of the budget now allocated to social and digital ads, including a newly established Google Adwords presence. Every campaign is now optimized for digital, with traditional taking a complimentary back seat.